Research Outputs


Seasonal Forecasting of Zud.
著者: Azzaya, D., P. Gomboluudev, and J. Tsogt
Vulnerability of Pastoral Social-Ecological Systems in Ongi, Tuin, and Baidrag River Basins in the Southern Khangai Mountains.
著者: Chuluun, T.
GHG Inventory and Observation of GHG by GOSAT.
著者: Futami, M.
Development of Freezer System Driven by Renewable Energy.
著者: Kashida, K.
JCM and MRV Methodology,” Adaptation for Climate Change and Green Development in Mongolia.
著者: Miki, Y.
GWR Modeling for Zud Impact on Livestock.
著者: Oba, A.
GHG Inventory and Observation of GHG by GOSAT.
著者: Tabata, T.
Computable General Equilibrium Model for Economical Evaluation of Zud Event.
著者: Takeda, S and M. Watanabe
Objectives of Adaptation and Green Development Project in Mongolia.
著者: Watanabe, M.
Permafrost Melting as Critical Slow Variable for Gradual Drying in the Tuul River Basin.
著者: Watanabe, M.
モンゴルのTuul River流域における永久凍土融解に関する観測結果です。
Planning and Building the Adaptive Network for the Production and Distribution of Livestock and Meat in Mongolia.
著者: Yan, W.