Research Outputs

Research Outputs (PDF)

Seasonal Forecasting of Zud.
Author: Azzaya, D., P. Gomboluudev, and J. Tsogt
Vulnerability of Pastoral Social-Ecological Systems in Ongi, Tuin, and Baidrag River Basins in the Southern Khangai Mountains.
Author: Chuluun, T.
GHG Inventory and Observation of GHG by GOSAT.
Author: Futami, M.
Development of Freezer System Driven by Renewable Energy.
Author: Kashida, K.
JCM and MRV Methodology,” Adaptation for Climate Change and Green Development in Mongolia.
Author: Miki, Y.
GWR Modeling for Zud Impact on Livestock.
Author: Oba, A.
GHG Inventory and Observation of GHG by GOSAT.
Author: Tabata, T.
Computable General Equilibrium Model for Economical Evaluation of Zud Event.
Author: Takeda, S and M. Watanabe
Objectives of Adaptation and Green Development Project in Mongolia.
Author: Watanabe, M.
This slide provides you a comprehensive summary and objectives of the project.
Permafrost Melting as Critical Slow Variable for Gradual Drying in the Tuul River Basin.
Author: Watanabe, M.
This slide shows you monitoring results of permafrost melting in the Tuul River basin.
Planning and Building the Adaptive Network for the Production and Distribution of Livestock and Meat in Mongolia.
Author: Yan, W.